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Welcome to the elite club of Amaron Pro Bike Rider. Witness here the most researched, designed & developed Power Fitments for todays motorcycles that drive your passion. Yes, we bring to you Pro Bike Rider range of Zero Maintenance batteries. Our specialist team have built these Power Fitments based on a unique and unmatched breakthrough VRLA(Valve Regulated Lead Acid) technology most superior in its class for biking needs of a customer like you.
The Pro Bike Rider range of Power Fitment includes, the Alpha series which comes with a customer delighting 60months warranty a first in its class made possible by Breakthrough VRLA technology. These are developed in our state-of-art manufacturing facility, uniquely packed and wet shipped. You just need to pick, fit & cruise ahead.
Breakthrough VRLA Technology:
The battery incorporates a radial grid design and we use High Tin-Calcium alloy. The technology is based on the Oxygen Recombination principle. The oxygen evolved at the positive plate is transported through a micro-porous synthetic Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separator to the surface of negative plate, thereby reacting with hydrogen generated from negative plate, resulting in water. Hence there is no water loss, which means no topping of water/acid. There is also a safety valve to avoid excessive pressure build up within the battery.
With unrivalled design features and allround superior construction, your Amaron Pro Bike Rider range of zero maintenance two wheeler batteries offers the longest life and deliver highest power in its class. We always work on innovation, strive for quality and provide world class technology to our customers. Our way of life at Amaron.
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60 months warranty